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6 minute read

Being An Ally In Tech

If you follow my personal account on Twitter, you will occasionally see the articles I retweet or share related to the problems with sexism in the tech industry.

Now I’m not an expert, most of what I’ve learnt about feminism and being an...

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3 minute read

RubyMotion Preprocessor Code

This morning I had an interesting thought about how we could possible have C macro like functionality in RubyMotion, and I believe I’ve come up with a somewhat suitable solution, though it could definitely still use some work.

The basic idea is...

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7 minute read

Truly "Universal" RubyMotion Apps

Some people may not realise how easy it actually is to write RubyMotion apps that share code between iOS and OS X with a small amount of configuration and some careful thinking about where code goes.

Both iOS and OS X share many of the same APIs and...

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4 minute read

RubyMotion The "Rails" Way

This is a current proposal that I’d like your feedback on for how we can clean up how we write RubyMotion applications. It’s purely conceptual at the moment, and there would have to be some framework development to make this work the way...

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10 minute read

The great RubyMotion debate - snake_case vs cameCase

Earlier today I posted a link to an article on Twitter from The Frontier Group, which was talking about their experiences with RubyMotion, great article, but when I tweeted the link, it sparked some discussions between me and other people, and other...

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