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RailsInMotion - It's Official

Just want to sign up, do it here

For a while now I’ve been considering starting up a RailsInMotion screencast. I’ve been running MotionInMotion for a while, but I still work a lot with other Ruby/Rails projects too, and since Ryan Bates of...

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8 minute read

The Bullied Who Have Become The Bullies

This morning, I woke up to find I’d been personally called out as a spammer by a user of the popular Ruby community blog RubyFlow. This isn’t a response post to that, I wrote my response already as a comment, this simply makes for a good...

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2 minute read

Xcode 6 Beta 3 Release Notes Reading

Just now I was reading through the release notes for Xcode 6 Beta 3, and I decided to live tweet the bits I found interesting. Here is the list of those tweets for you to read all at once.

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4 minute read

Is Swift Production Ready?

Or as an alternate title…

Learning Apple’s Frameworks is easier with Swift

Last night at the Sydney General Assembly office, myself and four others ran a panel to talk about Swift. The four amazing experts that joined me were Ben Taylor, Dan...

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4 minute read

Grand Central Dispatch Isn't Just For Background Queues

Tonight at SydInMotion I got in a discussion that lead to me explain Dispatch.once and why it’s so handy. I’ve decided to write this up as a quick tip as it’s useful in almost any application.

Global Managers

The first case that you...

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