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For a while now I've been considering starting up a RailsInMotion screencast. I've been running MotionInMotion for a while, but I still work a lot with other Ruby/Rails projects too, and since Ryan Bates of RailsCasts fame went on hiatus, I've been really missing there being something like it in the community.

So I've decided it's official, I'm going to be launching RailsInMotion soon. A premium ($9/month) weekly released screencast covering Ruby/Rails topics.

I've created a sign up form for being part of the launch. The big news for that is that on Monday (July 21st) I'll be announcing the prepay and launch specials via an email to the list, so don't miss that.

Help Spread The News

When I launched MotionInMotion, I learnt quickly just how hard it can be to spread the news around. I lucked out with some help, and so I'm going to ask you to help spread the word too.

Please please please share this around on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Hacker News, Reddit, etc.

Every person that supports this means more time can be dedicated to it to make it just that much more awesome.

Prepaying Will Help A lot

When I announce the prepay prices on Monday, it will make the biggest difference for me if you help me out by prepaying.

Ask any of my MotionInMotion subscribers, I take care of them all extremely well, but I do take extra good care of the people that supported me early.

By prepaying you'll be able to join the "RailsInMotion Feedback Council", which will let you have more input that most into what RailsInMotion becomes, and get early access to the videos being made for launch before they're made public.

Feedback Is Important

Prepaying or not, feedback with ideas for topics, and things you want to be made a focus with RailsInMotion will be really important.

Feel free to email me directly: [email protected].

I can't wait to see how this goes. Thank you everyone that supports me while I launch RailsInMotion.

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