This past week has been insane for me, with the RubyMotion #inspect conference, and now the massive announcements from WWDC, there is a lot of new things for us RubyMotion developers. Not only do we have a new platform (Android) to work with soon (which for a lot of you may be the first time you've ever touched it), but Apple has dropped some amazing new APIs for us to use, and we haven't even seen close to all of them yet.

RubyMotion #inspect 2014

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak (the videos will apparently be up on confreaks within 2 weeks) at #inspect 2014, and that was amazing because it gave me a chance to be there in the flesh as some big announcements came out.

The biggest of which is of course RubyMotion 3.0 supporting Android but the two other amazing announcements were live code reloading, including a delegate method for us to hook into, and HUGE performance increases.

I've ordered my Nexus 7 off Amazon already, it should be here this week or early next week, as most people that have tried to do Android development are aware, the simulator is absolutely shocking, especially in comparison to the iOS simulator, so it's highly recommended to get yourself a device to test with, even if you just go pick up one of those cheap $50 pendopad things.

So what does this mean for MotionInMotion, well, the great news is that I will be covering Android! MotionInMotion so far has been focused on iOS, with only mentions of "this is the same API on OS X" for those that were interested. Over the coming months, and especially once RubyMotion 3.0 is out of beta, MotionInMotion will be covering all three platforms as equally as possible. Once subscriber numbers are higher, I'll be upping my release schedule so that I can keep everyone happy, no matter what platform they're working on.

As for RubyMotion for Rails Developers, that will stay as an iOS and OS X only book. Once that book is released, I'll begin work on an Android version as well.

A possible large future

MotionInMotion is still young, but to let you all know, a future I'm considering for it is to have multiple "streams" which all get the same amount of attention, each stream covering different languages and platforms, and each could be subscribed to individually, or you could pay for the lot with one combined subscription.

This plan is far far far down the road, but with your support, I may eventually be able to grow MotionInMotion to be just like the personal screencasts we all love like RubyTapas, MetaCasts, or NSScreencasts, but with multiple teachers dedicated to their category and the community around it. Lets see where this goes.


The other big announcements this week were from WWDC which everyone seemed to have low expectations for, but instead we were all blown out of the water with the huge new updates which combine all their platforms into crazy Apple machines that work together, and giving us the power to work with that.

We've got things like extensions and widgets coming, and who knows what else. Game Developers and Health App Developers are going to be ecstatic about the new frameworks available, and there is going to lots to cover. NSScreencast and myself are going to be incredibly busy learning and teaching all the new fun things we now get to play with.

Feedback from meeting a lot of you

At #inspect I got the pleasure to meet a huge amount of my subscribers in person, and I gathered some really good feedback, so here is a list of some of the changes coming over the next few months to MotionInMotion.

  1. Focused videos - most should be 10-15 minutes long
  2. PayPal / Stripe - Paying should be easier and more flexible
  3. Yearly plans
  4. My website's user experience can be fairly confusing, I'll be working hard to make it better
  5. More beginner content

And of course some of the changes I mentioned above like Android and OS X episodes. If I've forgotten anything, email me and let me know: [email protected].

Wrapping up

We all have a big couple of months ahead of us. We have all just found out the tools we use have now just enabled us to have an immense amount of extra flexibility, creativity, and connectivity. This is my plan for the next few months:

  1. Release a cross platform Ruby/RubyMotion app (Web, Android, iOS, and OS X)
  2. Finish RubyMotion for Rails Developers with changes for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite
  3. Make changes to the website to implement feedback and make finding content for different platforms and APIs easier
  4. Cover more, help more, and create more for you lovely RubyMotion developers

This is going to mean learning more about Android, getting more devices to test my Android apps on, learning the new frameworks and APIs from Apple, and pairing more and getting to know more of you. Keep in touch, and help out when you can too! Send me articles, refer friends, share my content around.