For anyone that's read my previous post about all the big changes coming to MotionInMotion and RailsInMotion, you know I'm organising and going through some growth at the moment. Soon FluffyTuts will be launching with MotionInMotion, RailsInMotion, and RubyMotion for Rails Developers as it's first three products (two subscriptions and a product I should say).

This post is just to give everyone an update on what's happening with all these project, because there is a lot happening.


With FluffyTuts as the brand change, it's going pretty nicely. I've hired a video editor to start helping me out, there is a "for now and maybe forever" logo, and the MotionInMotion site is slowly going to end up evolving into the FluffyTuts website. This will mean the features I have planned for the FluffyTuts website are going to appear on MotionInMotion first. (e.g. Stripe and PayPal instead of Pin Payments, better design, search, etc.)

There really isn't much to say here, FluffyTuts is just the name for the three projects going on at the moment essentially.


Here is where there will potentially be some big changes coming, the biggest of which isn't fully decided yet, but I want to let everyone know I'm thinking about it.

To give you some backstory, MotionInMotion has somewhat stalled for growth. I'm not quitting on it though, but it may be time to pivot slightly to keep it alive so that everyone can keep enjoying it. There is two things I'm wanting to do about this, the first is the maybe, the second is a long-term goal.

First: MobileInMotion

It's a working title, but this is the potential future (not really too near) of MotionInMotion.

RubyMotion is about to become a full cross-platform toolchain, and this is going to mean that I'll have to be covering iOS, OS X (which I still haven't gotten to you yet sorry), and Android. Each of these platforms have their own sets of challenges, and all have existing non-RubyMotion communities I want you all to be able to access.

How I see it is that RubyMotion is one tool in your tool belt. Even since beginning to use RubyMotion I've had to work with Objective-C (and now Swift too) on projects that I just wasn't able to use RubyMotion on, usually for the reason that no one else on the team used RubyMotion.

To access these other communities for MiM's growth, and to enable more of you to be part of these non-RubyMotion communities while being members of the amazing RubyMotion community, I'm considering that it might be time to expand MotionInMotion to also cover Swift and eventually maybe even Java when it comes to the Android stuff. I've had a lot of requests for it, and I honestly believe being cross-functional will allow you all to become better RubyMotion developers.

So this is a maybe, but I want you to know I'm thinking about it to hear your thoughts.

Just to confirm I'm not leaving RubyMotion though :). It's still my tool of choice for my iOS development.

Second: The Secret Project

Another thing I'm working on in the background is improving the "user on-boarding process" (if you could call it that) for developers coming into the RubyMotion community, especially from web development backgrounds. I've got the course going at the moment, RubyMotion for Rails Developers, and the book with the same title, both of which I'll be giving updates on in a second. These are one part.

There is other kinds of work that needs to be done. This ranges from community knowledge and leadership growth to get more people working on community work, to documentation and guidance, all the way to frameworks that we use.

It's a big project and something I'll be working on with anyone who can help over however long it takes.

RubyMotion for Rails Developers Videos

The videos are coming along great, receiving awesome feedback on them. There really isn't much to say here other than that their all on schedule and you'll continue getting them every week if you're a subscriber or if you have a screencast package for the RubyMotion for Rails Book you'll get your access soon once the course is complete.

The Book

Continuing on the RubyMotion for Rails developers route, I'll talk about the book.

I'll be honest, I am having troubles here, I underestimated just how much is involved in writing this book, but it's slowly coming along.

Two things that I've talked to some people about are:

  • Putting it up on Leanpub or something similar
  • Adding an Android section after the iOS and OS X ones are done

If you've bought the screencast package, you should have received an email letting you know that that's going to be traded for equivalent time on a MotionInMotion subscription once the course is fully released, which actually ends up even better because you get the screencasts plus some extra ones.

So long story short, the book is getting there, it's just going slower than I thought, especially now with iOS 8 and Yosemite.


Here is where there is a bunch of good news! The early access group has been giving me good feedback, and I'm actually doing some one-on-one time to get a better idea of what their after, which should be representative of the larger community somewhat.

The first 3 episode have been given to the early access group, and I'm currently in planning phase for the first course, which will be covering Stripe and PayPal for one-off and recurring payments.

The general idea

All in all there is a lot happening, and I've started the process of getting more people involved in "FluffyTuts". The video editor has been a massive improvement time wise for me, taking about 5 hours off my workload per episode. I've also got a VA who's been helping me with little tasks too which is really nice.

The big next thing will be once FluffyTuts has enough revenue, I'll be bringing on another teacher. Either to help out with Mobile/MotionInMotion and RailsInMotion or to start a whole new screencast (Scala maybe? Design? We'll see what gets the most attention)

Basically by the beginning of the second quarter of 2015, what was MotionInMotion will hopefully have evolved into much more so I (we?) can provide you with more educational material and community help.

Your feedback is important

It really really is! Please email me and let me know your thoughts: [email protected].