UPDATE There is now 18 people in the group, but more are always welcome!

Very short post to announce a community effort I'm trying to get organised, there is already a few people interested and I'd be keen to see a large group of us working on all kinds of things.

The basic idea

To quickly give you a general overview of what I'm looking for us to do, is a few of the members of the RubyMotion community get together, could be five, ten, one hundred. We can all communicate through the Basecamp project I've setup. We bring together all of our skills to create a few really cool RubyMotion apps.


The RubyMotion community is growing quickly, but we're all still a fairly close knit crew, and I'd like to see everyone getting to know each other, work with each other, and teach each other. A lot of you likely have other skills like design or product marketing too, meaning we become a lean, mean, fighting machine, that while working together get to see the amazing work of others and learn directly from it.

Running a community

This effort doesn't come without risks. Communities can go great, but sometimes people don't get along, especially when it comes to work and money.

I'd like to keep a focus on this as purely side projects and hobby projects, things done out of passion, and we put them up on the app stores for free.

Everyone gets to play a part, there is no expectations of anyone to put in so many hours, and there is nothing on the line. Just a group of people releasing some cool apps to put in their portfolio, and getting to know people they might choose to work with on real projects.


If you want to be a part of this, send me an email to [email protected] and I'll add you to the Basecamp project. In your email give me a quick run down of what skills you have so I can keep track of who has the ability to do what. I'd like to see everyone getting into some programming though.