I took a little break from writing over the Christmas/New Years period, but I decided to write a super quick post this week before I get back into trying to post every Wednesday.

While getting the RubyMotion screencasts going, I started getting to know some people in the RubyMotion community a bit better, and I'd just like to do a little write up about them.

Laurent and the HipByte team

This is of course obvious, they are the at the center of the community. I have some thanks to give out to them though, Laurent, Eloy, and Colin really helped by helping bring focus to MotionInMotion. They're must follows.

Colin is also the community manager and you will usually see him in the Google Group.

Eloy is a masterful genius of his own right, he is the creator of CocoaPods, and MacBacon. Two of my favourite things to exist ever!

Todd Werth and Ken Miller from InfiniteRed

These two created two (three with ruby-xcdm) of the best tools to ever appear for RubyMotion development, what are basically the equivalents of jQuery and ActiveRecord.

Todd created RMQ (RubyMotion Query), and runs the extremely useful RubyMotion Dispatch newsletter. His presence in the community is growing fast and he will certainly be a driving force in the community.

Ken created CDQ (CoreData Query) and ruby-xcdm, I haven't had the pleasure of talking to him as much as I have Todd, but his skill is obviously substantial.

Jamon Holmgren from ClearSight Studio

Here we have the creator of ProMotion, the masterful Jamon! Always active in the community, and has quite the rep on stack overflow for answering RubyMotion questions in perfect detail.

Mark Rickert from Mohawk Apps

He is THE MOHAWK, Mr. Mark Rickert. One of the main contributors to ProMotion, and the first RubyMotion expert on AirPair! He has dedicated himself to OPEN SOURCE ALL OF HIS WORK! Definitely one of my favourite to talk to, and a spectacular programmer.

Clay Allsopp

A list of great community members wouldn't be complete without Clay! He quite literally wrote the book on RubyMotion... and the goto tutorial site, and runs rubymotion-wrappers.com. He also contributes to or wrote half of the gems you're using in your projects!

And many more!

There is so many more people in the RubyMotion community, doing wonderful, amazing things, everyday. The list here doesn't even begin to cover the list, but I've created a twitter list that I'll keep up to date. Tweet or email me if you've been doing great things in the community so I can add you to the list.