A week ago I wrote a post giving props to some of the members of the RubyMotion community, and it went off like a rocket, so I figure it's something you guys are interested in.

Here are a few more awesome people to follow or read their stuff, because they're fantastic!

Lori Olsen

Lori is a great programmer, speaker, and writer! And I was excited to see, a member of DevChix and Ladies Learning Code.

This from her about me just sums up how great she really is: "Helping to make a career in software development into a more welcoming opportunity for all women is very, very important to me."

I'm really hoping I get to meet her soon in person, hopefully we'll bump into each other at a conference!

Neeraj Singh

Neeraj has done great things for the RubyMotion community by creating 16 videos (so far) about RubyMotion development! He's also the founder of BigBinary and as he said, he's loving the work he does, and I can imagine so, he seems to have worked with pretty awesome people.

Him and I have some little secret plans going on which we'll announce soon enough.

Michael Erasmus and Hendrik Swanepoel

Michael and Hendrik are the creators of MotionCasts. Though they've been quiet recently, their screencasts are fantastic, and were a great tool when I was moving over to RubyMotion.

Abhishek Nalwaya

Abhishek is the author of RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials. A great read for anyone doing RubyMotion work. He's also been on the conference circuit a while. Definitely someone to learn from and follow.

Nikolay Nemshilov

Nikolay is the creator of the super brilliant under-os for RubyMotion. Powerful programmer, and generally a really on the ball guy. Just been chatting with him about planning a few episodes on under-os, he's certainly someone to be paying attention to.

Would love to mention more!

If you think I've missed someone, give me a shout, and I might make this a somewhat regular thing to post about people doing cool stuff for the community. [email protected]