With the help of Installr I've put together an awesome little competition for the MotionInMotion subscribers! Full disclosure, they're not paying me anything, I do get the same stuff that comes in the prizes, but only cause I asked and I was going to do this anyway.


So the competition is pretty simple.

  1. Watch the screencast on how to use Installr
  2. Create an app using RubyMotion (or have your existing one)
  3. Use Installr to send me a copy

I'll then choose the 3 best apps to receive one of the 3 prize packs each.

The prize packs are a Professional package from Installr which lets you send your app out to 21-50 people, with unlimited builds, and Installr's awesome automatic syncing with the Apple Developer Portal.

I didn't say this in the screencast because I only decided on this now, you will also get a lifetime 100% off coupon for MotionInMotion.

Plus you get one of these cool Installr bar blades!!!

photo 2


A few basic rules for the competition.

  1. It has to be a RubyMotion app
  2. You have to be a MotionInMotion subscriber
  3. You need to send me the app through Installr


Well that's pretty simple. When I found out about Installr I was over the moon. If any of you have tried to release an app to testers and gone through the painful process of collecting their device IDs and screwing around with profiles and blah blah blah, it's not fun. I started talking to the team at Installr because I loved it so much and got them to offer some stuff up to give you incentive to try it out with a real tester (me!! woo!).

Competition end date

The competition is going to run for a month, and will end on the 20th June 2014. So you've got a good amount of time. If you make updates to your app in that time you can send me a new build and I'll judge your most recent build, not the first one. So you can keep making it better and better.

Also feel free to submit multiple apps.

Entering the competition

So you'll obviously need an email address to send the app to. Once you're all set up, add my email address ([email protected]) as a tester.

Good luck!