App Spotlight #1 - Mutual by Andrew Gertig

Whenever possible, I'll be doing email (and maybe some video) interviews of people in the RubyMotion community who've put something out there in the iOS or OS X App Stores. If you're interested in being featured in an App Spotlight, send me an email to [email protected].

Today's RubyMotion master is Andrew Gertig, who created the brilliant Mutual app for iOS.

Twitter does not make it simple to determine who you follow that does not follow you back in one easy to see list. They also don't show you the people who you have a co-following relationship with or who your pure fans are. Mutual does.

Who are you and where are you from?

Andrew Gertig, from Charlotte, NC

Tell us about the app

Mutual was built to scratch an itch. Twitter doesn't make it easy to see people in buckets of "People I follow who don't reciprocate", "People who are in a mutual follow with me", and "People who follow me that I don't follow". Mutual calls these people Jerks, Mutuals, and Fans and makes it super simple to Unfollow and Follow people from within these lists with one tap. Done.

Where did you get the idea?

I noticed I had some Twitter follow relationships that weren't what I wanted but found the interface for cleaning this up a tad bit tedious.

How long have you been using RubyMotion?

Since mid-2013

Do you have any other apps in the App Stores?

Yes, one simple app called Ten, which was my first app and was a "Ship this to the App Store in a weekend" kind of projects. My 2 1/2 year old loves it!

What Gems did you use?

I'm a huge ProMotion fan. I frequently find these in my Gemfiles:

gem 'motion-cocoapods'
gem 'cocoapods'
gem 'bubble-wrap'
gem 'afmotion'
gem 'motion-testflight'
gem 'motion-layout'
# and last but not least
gem 'awesome_print_motion'

How have/did you market the app?

I have not really done any marketing for the app. I did just recently notice that if you make your app a paid app for a bit and then make it free it triggers quite a few new downloads. Most likely due to those "This App is FREE today" websites.

How much time have you put into this app?

More than I had planned but less than I would have had to if not using RM. About two months of nights and weekends.

What's one piece of advice you would give someone learning RubyMotion?

Converting Objective-C apps to RubyMotion is a pretty good way of learning. You get to see how RM makes things so much easier and also what things are very similar and in others how you may need to tackle things a bit differently.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your app and experiences with RubyMotion Andrew! Make sure to check out Mutual, it's free on the App Store right now!

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