PREFACE: I made an episode that dived into some more micro details of CarrierWave, it got both positive and negative feedback, this is the post I put in Basecamp (where we're all talking at the moment and the home of RailsInMotion until the website is up). I thought it would be interesting to share this with everyone, as it applies to my job both for RailsInMotion in the future, but also MotionInMotion right now.

The Post

Hey Everyone,

I didn't want this to get lost in the chain of feedback on (what was previously) episode 1. I got some amazing feedback on it, and a lot clearer idea of what kind of videos you're all after verses what I thought you were after.

So here's a bit of a summary on the feedback.


  • Font size too small (my bad, forgot to change it)
  • Using vim+tmux is distracting, going to swap to Sublime + iTerm
  • Transparency of terminal wasn't good for readability


There was a lot of interesting feedback when it came to content, and definitely some of the most useful. At first I simply interpreted it all as wrong choice for first topic (the reason I say "verses what I thought you were after") and as a beginner this didn't fit my needs. I had to think about this more, because I couldn't just focus on beginner content as I'd cut out a large part of the community.

So, I then also looked at the feedback about gem comparisons and that changed how I was looking at all the feedback. The job of a screencaster is basically to get paid to research solutions for their subscribers. I spend x hours researching something, so that I can teach a solution to a problem effectively in 5-15 minutes, not necessarily for immediate use even, but to be re-watched in the future once it's actually needed.

That's where I definitely failed with the (previously) first episode. The basic premise of each episode now and into the future, is going to be "Say you've got X problem, here's how you solve it with Y solution". An immediately recognisable return for your hard earned dollars :) (and a reason to keep paying me of course haha)

Of course the micro elements of the feedback that led to that macro realisation are all things that will be solved too, but I wanted to share the thought process I went through. This group is bigger than the one MotionInMotion had, and there was a lot of feedback to process continuously.

If you think I'm still missing the point on something though, make sure you let me know in the comments. :)

Cheers, Jack