Yesterday I made the big decision that I'm no longer going to be a contractor. This is huge for me, I've found such a passion in teaching and education that I now want to focus on it full time.

By around the end of August, I'll have finished up all my current contracts, and be making the switch into full time educational content production and teaching. I'll of course occasionally take on quick few day jobs here and there to take care of that restless need to work on a contract job (which I do love doing a lot).

How you will benefit

The big difference here is that this frees me up to focus more time on creating even better screencasts for MotionInMotion and for RailsInMotion, as well as get heavily into writing both for my book (RubyMotion for Rails Developers) and for this and other blogs.

Over the coming months, you're going to see a massive increase in the amount and quality of content I put out. I'm going to start writing more full length tutorials here on the MotionInMotion blog, and on some new blogs I'll have launching soon.

Community work

This will also free up time for me to start working in the community more, creating and enhancing gems, and working on other community projects.

I'll also be trying to do a lot of evangelistic work (not sponsored by HipByte) to get more people into RubyMotion. Going around to companies that are interested and need a push to get started, and generally trying to spread the word.

"You need real projects still though"

One thing I know I will have to be careful of, is the fact that I won't be working on any projects for clients anymore, which will remove some practical aspects that get reflected in this teaching work.

To make sure I don't get stagnant, I'll be doing pairing as often as I can, and working on some personal projects I've been wanting to pay attention to for a long time, as well as hiring people on and off to help me on them for that team fun times.

You can always help

Sharing, subscribing, and purchasing all really help keep this work going. I'm going to be running on savings for a while until income and expenses match up, so anything you can do to help is HUGELY appreciated, and I promise I'll make it worth helping.

I might fail

If going full time fails, that's sad, but it's not the end of the world. I can always go back to contracting. MotionInMotion and RailsInMotion don't take up so much time that I can't contract at the same time.

This is a big deal for me, but the reality is it's still very low risk in terms of how it can impact me financially, and has no risk at all of leading to MotionInMotion or RailsInMotion being put aside. They are and will for the foreseeable future be my core focus.

Celebrate with me!

Get excited and start sending me emails of community projects you have in mind! My email is [email protected]